Launch or expand your career in AI, big data, blockchain, cloud, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), and the overall global digital economy.

What's in it for you?

Career Growth & Financial Stability

Looking for a career that gives you a great income and the chance to truly succeed? Look no further than technology sales. The Technology Sales Program at the University of Maryland is a real-world training that delivers immediate results in your professional life and fuels long-term sales career aspirations.

Incredible Job Opportunities

You don't need to be a "Techie" to tap the enormous opportunities in technology sales! What are your natural selling aptitudes? Are you an Account Director who facilitates revenue growth, a Sales Engineer working for independent sales firms, or a SaaS Sales Executive connecting clients to their technology stacks? Our instructors will help guide you to your best roles.

Higher Ed Cred in a Booming Industry

After 13 weeks of rigorous training in our Technology Sales Program with our sales experts, as well as practice, role-plays, peer review, and projects, you will emerge with the credibility and know-how to pursue and succeed at a career in technology sales.

Technology Sales Program Graduates

It's time to invest in yourself.

With tens of thousands of jobs in technology sales available, this is a rapidly emerging opportunity that needs sharp people to make critical connections between technical solutions and technical buyers, company owners, and decision-makers in artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, Internet of Things, and more. Imagine helping transform an industry of business customers from traditional computers and large on-premise storage rooms littered with vulnerabilities and cyber threats to technologically advanced, low-cost, scalable technology and proven secure environments. With expert-led training and practice in the Technology Sales Program, you’ll have the opportunity to confidently drive revenue for your future employer and your customers.

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In 13 weeks, you'll learn to:

Our Graduates Are Trained,
Coached & Confident

You are why we are here.

Students rank our professional sales courses as among the best of their higher education experience, citing instructors for their professionalism and engaging classrooms, and curriculum for its real-world relevance and immediate transferability.

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